About HRD

The Croatian Conservation-Restoration Association (Hrvatsko restauratorsko društvo – HRD) is a professional association established in 1994 which brings together conservators-restorers, conservation-restoration teachers, museum and gallery employees, conservation-restoration students as well as other professionals whose specialty relates to the field or is permanently or occasionally part of conservation-restoration projects in the Republic of Croatia.


HRD is active in the field of visual arts, arts and crafts, traditional crafts and other related activities in preservation of Croatia’s cultural heritage, and participates in international professional associations in the fields of art and culture.

We are the leading association in Croatia in the field of protection and valuation of cultural heritage with extensive experience in organizing and conducting scientific conferences, professional meetings and lectures, and other activities related to international cooperation.

HRD is a member of E.C.C.O. since 2014.


HRD considers an extremely important area of its activity to connect and exchange experiences and information with related domestic and international Associations and Institutions.

We are working to strengthen the conservator-restorer’s position as experts and valuable counselors in preservation and protection of Croatia’s cultural heritage alongside other professions, and influence important decisions concerning the status, employment and matters of conservation-restoration of cultural heritage.

Our primary goals are:

  • affirmation of the conservation-restoration profession in Croatia, in accordance with international conventions;
  • encouraging the protection and professional maintenance of Croatia’s artistic and cultural heritage;
  • conservation and promotion of ethical, social and legislative interests of the profession – cooperation with other professional organizations with similar goals at both national and international levels.

The goals stipulated above are achieved through:

  • Elaboration of professional guidelines and recommendation;
  • Participation in designing programme drafts, normative acts and other regulations relevant for professional conservation and restoration activities;
  • Provision of information on adopted and amended normative acts related to the conservation-restoration profession
  • Cooperation with civil organizations, professional artists’ associations and other legal entities and institutions in Croatia and abroad;
  • Systemic creation of social conditions in order to improve performance of professional activities in all areas of art and culture, and protection of cultural heritage specifically;
  • Organization of conferences and professional meetings;
  • Publishing and contributing to professional publications;
  • Counselling, information and documentation activities;
  • Gathering information on equipment and materials;
  • Representing the public interests of the HRD’s members;

Youth in conservation-restoration

Care for the future conservators-restorers is a very important goal of the HRD, since we are the only recognised organization dedicated to linking, organizing and animating young conservators-restorers in Croatia.

Many of our members are working on, associated with and involved in numerous activities and projects related to youth education.

We pride our self in having members who belong to all generations, from students to active and retired conservators-restorers.

We put special emphasis on youth mobilization and training, working closely with the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (ALU OKIRU), and the Department for Conservation-Restoration at the Art Academy in Split (UMAS). Greater mobility is achieved through mutual recognition of qualifications anywhere in Europe, which is also where our goals align with E.C.C.O.’s mission. Without this acknowledgment, the movement of professional workforce across borders in Europe is very difficult.

So far we have organized presentations of HRD activities, excursions, and field trips for young people.

HRD is constantly working on increasing membership, expanding their actions through social media and taking part in professional international meetings and conferences.